Retail Asset Management

PrimeTerminal benefits retail asset management by

  • fast access to real-time market data
  • integrating multi-vendor contents and internal data in a single solution
  • easily adjusting data and functionality to changing needs

Serving Clients in International Markets

One of Europe's largest banks has been using PrimeTerminal since October 2004 to serve consumer and commercial clients in retail offices and call centers. The bank sought a solution suited to provide multi-vendor contents to different user groups. Call center agents need fast access to select securities to address markets in Europe and North America. Financial advisors focus on popular asset classes like funds, options and bonds.

The bank favored PrimeTerminal thanks to its powers to integrate and distribute proprietary contents within the company while lowering content costs. Users' PrimeTerminal subscriptions may be adjusted monthly, selecting exactly the required data and functions to react quickly to changes in usage and assignments.

Users were particularly impressed by the feature-rich, customizable functionality of PrimeTerminal. Its interactive user interface enables individual users to build their own market data screens and allow teams to share them.

Feedback from several hundered users two months after introducing PrimeTerminal gave the financial desktop excellent grades: 72% of the users find PrimeTerminal overall satisfactory or very satisfactory. The solution's adaptability and range of contents received over 80% positive feedback, proving that PrimeTerminal successfully supports financial advisors.