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Quotes by Exchanges EoD L1 DLY L1 RT L1 RT L2
Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange
Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange
Alpha Securities
Athens Exchange (ATHEX)
Athens Indices
Athens Securities
Athens Derivatives
Cyprus Stock Exchange
Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)
Australian Indices
Australian Securities Exchange
Bahrain Stock Exchange
Bahrain Stock Exchange
Baltic Exchange, The
The Baltic Exchange
The Baltic Exchange Indices
BATS Europe
BATS Europe Securities
Bats BZX Exchange (US)
Stock Exchanges (BZX)
Belgrad Stock Exchange
Belgrade Securities incl. Indices
Belgrade Indices
Bombay Stock Exchange
Bombay Indices
Bombay Spot Market
Börse Düsseldorf
Note: minimum price for Quotrix data is EUR 250,00 customer/month
Börse Stuttgart
Börse Stuttgart
Borsa Istanbul
Equities (RT currently for Non Residents only)
Indices (RT currently for Non Residents only)
Borsa Italiana
Borsa Italiana Indices, Stocks, Bonds, Derivatives
BM & FBOVESPA (Brazil Mercentile & Future Exchange & Bovespa)
Brazil Mercantile & Futures SE (BM&F)
Bratislava Stock Exchange
Bratislava Stock Exchange
Bucharest Stock Exchange
Bucharest Indices
Bucharest Securities
Budapest Stock Exchange
Budapest Indices
Budapest Securities
Buenos Aires Stock Exchange
Buenos Aires Stock Exchange
Canadian Securities Exchange (fka Canadian National Stock Exchange)
Canadian Securities Exchange CSE listed Securities
CSE All Canadian listed Securities (fka Pure Trading)
Casablanca Stock Exchange
Casablanca Market Data (incl. Indices)
CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange)
CBOE Indices
CBOE VIX Futures
Cboe Europe Indices
Cboe Europe Indices
Cboe Europe Equities (fka. Bats Europe)
Cboe Europe Securities (fka. Bats Europe Securities)
CME Group
S&P Indices
Bloomberg UBS Commodity Indices
Czech Financial Benchmark Facility (CFBF)
Danish Finacial Benchmark Facility (DFBF)
Deutsche Börse Group
Bulgarian Stock Exchange Index Data
Bulgarian Stock Exchange Securities
Customized & Focused Indices
European Energy Exch.
Indices and ETF
Irish Stock Exchange Index Data
Irish Stock Exchange (Xetra traded instruments)
Spot Market Germany
Spot Market Regional Exchanges
STOXX Indices
Börse Frankfurt Zertifikate und Optionsscheine (fka Scoach)
Volatility Indices
Xetra European Stars
Xetra US Stars
Dow Jones Indices
Dow Jones Indices
Dubai Financial Market
Dubai Financial Market
Egyptian Exchange
Egyptian Exchange
Euronext All Indices
Euronext Cash (Last Price)
Euronext Cash
Euronext Dublin Equities
Euronext Equity & Index Derivatives
Euronext Equity & Index Derivatives (Last Price)
Euronext Commodity Derivatives
Euronext Irish Bonds & Funds
Euro TLX market data
EXFEED (Swiss Exchange & virt-x)
EXFEED Indices
EXFEED Securities
EXFEED non listed Investment Funds (Hourly Update Trades)
SIX Structured Products Exchange (fka EXFEED Scoach Switzerland)
EXFEED Swiss Reference Rates
Exotic Exchanges
Asia Pacific
Europe, Africa & Middle East
GCC Exchanges
GCC Package delayed or real time
including Abu Dhabi SE (RT), Bahrain SE (DLY), Muscat SE (EOD), Kuwait SE (tbc), Saudi SE (DLY), Dubai Financial Market (DLY), NASDAQ Dubai (DLY), Qatar (Doha) SE (DLY)        
FTSE Indices
FTSE Bursa Malaysia Indices
FTSE ST Index Series (was FTSE Singapore Indices)
Constituents FTSE Italia Index Series
Constituents FTSE Athex Index Series
Constituents FTSE Cyse Index Series
Constituents FTSE Latibex Index Series
Constituents FTSE TWSE Taiwan Index Series
Constituents FTSE Global Equity Index Series
Constituents FTSE 4Good IBEX Index
Constituents FTSE 4Good Index Series
Constituents FTSE Eurofirst Index Series
Constituents FTSE European Index Series
Constituents FTSE techMARK Index Series
Constituents FTSE Asiatop & Asian Sector
Constituents FTSE AIM Index Series (incl. In FTSE Indices)
Constituents FTSE Xinhua Index Series
Constituents FTSE Multinationales Index Series
Constituents FTSE UK Index Series (incl. In FTSE Indices)
Constituents FTSE ST Index Series
Hang Seng Indices
Hang Seng Indices
Hong Kong Exchange
Hong Kong Securities
Hong Kong Derivatives
ICE Futures Europe - Commodities (former ICE Futures Europe (IPE))
ICE Futures US (former NYBOT)
ICE Futures Canada (former Winnipeg Commodities)
ICE Futures Europe - Financials (former ICE Liffe (London Market))
ICE LBMA Gold Benchmark Fixings
ICE LBMA Silver Benchmark Fixings
ICE LIBOR (24h DLY, 4h DLY and RT) for view only
ICE LIBOR (24h DLY, 4h DLY and RT) for purposes like usage in valuations and pricing activities, as a reference rate in transactions and financial products, etc. signing of direct agreement is required and annual usage license fees would apply
export to Microsoft® Office Excel is subject to a direct agreement and available on request        
India, National Stock Exchange
Capital Market excl. Indices
Indonesia Stock Exchange
Indonesia SE Indices
Indonesia Stock Exchange
Johannesburg Stock Exchange
Johannesburg Indices
Johannesburg Securities
Korea Exchange (KRX)
Korea Exchange (KRX) General Market Representative Indices
Korea Exchange (KRX) Indices Group 1
Korea Exchange (KRX) Securities A (KOSPI)
Korea Exchange (KRX) Securities B (KOSDAQ and KONEX)
Korea Exchange (KRX) Securities C (ETF, ETN, ELW)
Kuwait Stock Exchange
Kuwait Stock Exchange
Lima Stock Exchange
Lima Stock Exchange
Ljubljana Stock Exchange
Ljubljana (Laibach) Indices
Ljubljana (Laibach) Cash Market
London Metal Exchange
London ME - LBMA Platinim and Palladium Benchmark Fixings
London ME
London Stock Exchange
UK Equities / LCW (members)
International Equities (members)
UK Equities / LCW (non-members)
International Equities (non-members)
London SE RNS News
export to Microsoft® Office Excel is subject to a direct agreement and available on request        
Luxembourg Stock Exchange
Luxembourg Stock Exchange Securities
Luxembourg Stock Exchange Securities and Indices
Malaysia, Bursa
Bursa Malaysia Regional Indices
Bursa Malaysia Equities
Markit Group Ltd.
Markit BOAT
MEFF Derivatives (MEFF N1 / MEFF N2)
Merrill Lynch
Merrill Lynch Indices
Mexico Stock Exchange
Mexico Stock Exchange
Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley Derivatives Contributed Data
Morgan Stanley Capital Int. (MSCI)
Equity Indices
Moscow Exchange (formed by merger of MICEX and RTS)
Moscow Exchange Indices
Moscow Exchange Equities
Moscow Exchange Bonds
Moscow Exchange Currencies
Muscat Securities Market
Muscat Securities Market
Nagoya Stock Exchange
Nagoya Stock Exchange
NASDAQ Dubai Market Data
NASDAQ US and Global Market Data
NASDAQ Basic (NASDAQ Issues)
NASDAQ Basic (NYSE / AMEX Issues)
NASDAQ OMX Global Indices
NASDAQ Securities
NASDAQ TotalView (NASDAQ issues only)
Nasdaq Mutual Funds
Nasdaq (fka OMX) European Market Data
Nordic Indices excl. Vinx Indices
Nordic Equities incl. Nordic Indices
Nordic Fixed Income (excl. Fixings)
Nordic Fixed Income Fixings (no longer in the Fixed Income product)
Nordic Derivatives
Baltic Equities and Fixed Income incl. Indices
Nordic VINX Indices
OTC Equity
OTC Bonds
NEO Exchange
Aequitas - Neo Exchange
New Zealand Stock Exchange
New Zealand Indices
New Zealand Securities
Nikkei Indices
Nikkei JASDAQ Indices (Nikkei JASDAQ Stock Average)
Nikkei Full Index Package
Nordic Growth Markets (NGM)
Norwegian Financial Reference Rates
NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)
NYSE Global Indices incl. former Nyse and Amex Indices
NYSE Securities
NYSE MKT (formerly Amex Equities)
NYSE MKT (Amex) Securities
OPRA (Options Price Reporting Authority)
OPRA (without Foreign Currency Options)
Osaka Stock Exchange
Osaka SE Derivatives Full Pack (Incl. JGB Futures)
Osaka SE Derivatives
Oslo Stock Exchange
Oslo Bors Benchmark Index (Symbol OSEBX.OSX)
Oslo Stock Exchange
OTC Markets (Pink Sheets)
OTC Markets (Pink Sheets) Securities
Philippines Stock Exchange
Philippines SE Indices
Philippines SE Securities
Aquis Stock Exchange
Aquis Stock Exchange Market Data
Prague Stock Exchange
Prague Stock Exchange
Qatar (Doha) Stock Exchange
Qatar (Doha) Stock Exchange
Santiago Stock Exchange
Santiago Indices
Santiago Stock Exchange
Saudi Stock Exchange
Saudi Stock Exchange
Shanghai Stock Exchange
China Indices
Shanghai Stock Exchange
Shenzen Stock Exchange
Shenzen Stock Exchange
Singapore Stock Exchange
Singapore Securities
Sociedad de Bolsas (Madrid)
Sociedad de Bolsas Indices (BME IND)
Sociedad de Bolsas Regional Indices (IND BOL)
Sociedad de Bolsas Fixed Income (BME RF LP)
Sociedad de Bolsas Securities (SIB)
Swedish Finacial Benchmark Facility (SFBF)
Sydney Futures Exchange
Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE) (ASX 24)
Sydney Futures Exchange
Taipei Exchange (fka GreTai Securities Market)
Taipei Market Data
Taiwan Stock Exchange
Taiwan Stock Exchange
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (Israeli residents)
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (non Israeli residents)
Thailand Stock Exchange
Thailand Stock Exchange Indices
Thailand Stock Exchange
Tokyo Stock Exchange
Topix Indices
Tokyo Stock Exchange
TOM MTF Securities
TOM MTF Derivatives
TMX Group
TSX Stock & Venture Exchanges
TSX Venture Exchange CL2 MarketBook
TSX Toronto Stock Exchange TL2 marketBook
Montréal Exchange
TSX Toronto Stock Exchange Canadian residents
Real-time index values are not bundled with the TSX Toronto Stock Exchange Canadian residents Level 1 real-time Product, and are available as a standalone        
S&P/TSX index values Canadian residents
not longer a part of the TSX Toronto Stock Exchange Canadian residents Level 1 real-time Product        
Vienna Stock Exchange
Vienna indices
Package: Vienna Cash Market incl. Structured Products
Vienna Global Market
Warsaw Stock Exchange
Warsaw Stock Exchange Main Market
Warsaw Stock Exchange NewConnect
Zagreb Stock Exchange
Zagreb Stock Exchange

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